Dr. Dan Hagi

Educated at the University of Toronto Faculty of Dentistry, Dr. Hagi was one of the youngest graduates to ever receive his doctorate degree. During his years of private practice Dr. Hagi gained a passion for aesthetic dentistry.

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Our Services

  • myNewTeeth

    Tooth Replacement & Implant Procedures
    Utilizing the most up-to-date evidence based materials and techniques the DH Smile Centre is committed to replacing your missing teeth with functional and aesthetic replacement. Whether replacing one, multiple or all your missing teeth the myNewTeeth solutions offer our patients fixed teeth that naturally replace the ones that were lost due to breakage, infection or natural causes. read more
  • myMetal-Free

    Zirconia Ceramic Dental Implant
    The DH Smile Centre offers myMetal-Free line of solutions. These solutions are for those who want no metal in their mouths. We can use zirconium oxide which is known as ceramic steel to produce life like restorations that can act as crowns and bridges as well as utilizing zirconium oxide CeraRoot dental implants to replace missing teeth via our myNewTeeth solutions read more
  • mySmile

    Aesthetic Dental Makeovers
    Your smile says a lot about you. mySmile solutions at the DH Smile Centre set us apart from other offices in the provision of aesthetic dentistry. Our process starts with a Digital Smile Design of your teeth. We use photography to explore your desires and the shapes, colours and contours of teeth that best reflect your personality. read more

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