What’s Safer, Dental Implants or Dentures?

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Dental implants, by a mile! It might seem odd that the surgical option is safer than the non-surgical option, but it’s true. While implants pose a risk of health problems to some people, dentures cause virtually guaranteed health problems for all patients. Here is a handy comparison: Dangers of Dental Implants The most common problem of dental implants is infection, typically mild and treatable with antibiotics. This occurs because small spaces can open between the bone and the implant, giving… Read more »

What’s the Difference Between CeraRoot and Titanium Metal Dental Implants?

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CeraRoot is an advanced all-ceramic dental implant. Testing has demonstrated many advantages over traditional titanium metal implants. The key differences include: One piece rather than two The titanium only refers to the screw of the implant, since the chewing surface must still be made out of ceramic or composite materials. The titanium and the prosthetic must be joined, usually by a tiny fixation screw. This screw often builds up a bacterial film that provokes a constant, low-level immune response. However… Read more »

What are Dental Lasers Used For?

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Dental lasers have several uses. At low intensities, they are used in teeth whitening procedures. At higher intensities, they are used to remove infected tissue and tooth material, or to take small samples of mouth lesions for cancer biopsies. Lasers vs. Drills A laser is an incredibly concentrated blast of light or infrared (the kind of light that carries heat). A high-intensity laser can vaporize tissue or bone instantly, making it a useful instrument in many surgeries. In dentistry, lasers… Read more »

What are Ceramic Dental Implants?

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All dental implants have ceramic components: no-one needs their teeth to look like the Terminator’s! Ceramic implants, however, are single-piece, all-ceramic objects that use no metal components. They are growing in popularity due to a few advantages over the traditional choice for metal implants: titanium. Dental Implant Basics At its most basic, a dental implant is a screw. It is screwed into the bone underlying the gums, replacing a missing tooth. This screw is typically topped with a ceramic prosthetic… Read more »