Is There a Maximum Amount of Teeth you can get Implants for?

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Your teeth are far from being in good shape. Some of your teeth are missing, and those that are still there are degraded and in poor shape from congenital factors or neglecting to take care of your teeth through proper oral hygiene and visits to the dentist’s office. If this sounds like the situation you’ve found yourself in, you’re not helpless! There are still plenty of solutions to restore your smile. That most popular and effective solution is teeth implants,… Read more »

How to Design a Perfect Smile

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What makes a perfect smile? As one of the most defining facial features, it’s a question that has been asked for ages. But, thanks to advancements in the science of dentistry, we now have an accurate idea of what the general consensus is when it comes to beautiful teeth. There are many factors in play when it comes to designing the perfect smile for your mouth. Here are some of the biggest elements: Straight teeth This is one of the… Read more »

Can You Get Braces if you have Dental Implants?

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For those who are missing teeth or who have remaining teeth in bad shape, getting dental implants can be one of the best procedures to revitalize your mouth and bring back confidence to your smile. The results are simply unmatched, even when compared to other tooth replacement techniques such as dentures or fixed-bridges. But what can you do if you have dental implants and remaining natural teeth which are improperly placed? Crooked teeth or out of place teeth are conditions… Read more »