Periodontal Therapy Treatments

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Periodontal therapy treats the bone structures surrounding your teeth. To treat bone structures, we have to treat the gums that cover them. When gums are infected, nearby bone recedes, often permanently. Healthy gums mean healthy bones. Most people don’t have healthy gums. To clean them up and preserve your underlying bone, there are both nonsurgical and surgical options. Nonsurgical Options Dental cleaning Many problems in the guns start with a simple problem: calculus under the gums. Calculus is petrified plaque…. Read more »

How do you Take a Dental Impression?

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There are two ways to take a dental impression: the old-fashioned way that involves gross fluids sitting in your mouth for a while, and the new way that uses technology to create highly accurate models with a minimum of discomfort. The Old Way In traditional dental impressions, the dentist selects a horseshoe tray that approximately fits a patient’s teeth. The dentist then fills this tray with a thick, rapidly hardening material, like alginate (refined sea algae) or polyvinyl siloxane, a… Read more »

Can you Wear Invisalign Braces While you Sleep?

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Invisalign are thermoplastic braces that are virtually invisible to the naked eye. They work by placing pressure on teeth, which in turn helps the bone holding your teeth in place respond to this pressure and recede in the proper direction. As the tooth moves into this recession, bone fills in from the other side. Over time, this causes a re-alignment of the teeth. This works best with near-constant pressure. As a result, not only can you wear Invisalign braces while… Read more »