How to Choose the Right Toothbrush

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According to the Canadian Dental Association, there are four important steps to consider when choosing a toothbrush: Head, Name, Size and Power. The key to excellent oral hygiene is keeping your mouth free of bacteria, plaque and any other unwanted buildup. The right toothbrush will help keep your teeth clean, free of germs and make you want to smile and show off those pearly whites. Head: Finding the right head is essential when selecting a toothbrush. Soft, rounded bristles are… Read more »

10 Reasons your Gums could be Inflamed

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The shape of your gums is crucial to your overall oral health. If your gums are inflamed and are causing you discomfort, visiting your dentist at your earliest convenience is essential. Although most people think that gum problems are isolated to the mouth, but in reality they can affect your overall health. Inflamed gums can be a sign of much worse problems to come. It’s hard to prevent gum inflammation if you don’t know the cause, so we’ve created a… Read more »

What Causes Sensitive Teeth?

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There’s nothing more refreshing on a summer day or after a vigorous workout session than a big glass of ice cold water. Unfortunately for some, that euphoric sensation is trumped by severe pain. Tooth sensitivity strikes when the layer that lies underneath your teeth, known as the dentin, becomes exposed. This exposure can be from receding gum tissue (the protective cover that blankets your tooth’s roots). The roots are not covered by hard enamel like your teeth and are made… Read more »