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Never Remove Your Teeth AgainHow All-on-4 Implants CAN CHANGE YOUR LIFEBeforeAfter​​​​​

Fully restored set of teeth using an All-on-4 Prettau Zirconia Ceramic bridge. Making it easier ​​​​​to chew with a new healthy set of teeth.

“I can’t thank Dr Hagi and his staff enough for making me smile again. I had extremely bad teeth and I had them removed and replaced with implants. One of the reasons I chose to do my teeth with Dr Hagi is, I liked that everything was done in the same office from start to finish.”

Fredrick S.BeforeAfter​​​​​

Fully restored natural-looking smile using an All-on-4 Prettau Zirconia Ceramic bridge. Making it easy to eat and smile confidently again.

“Dr. Hagi and his team are literally “Angel’s on Earth”. I would do the procedure again with no fear, no reservations and no regrets. As I am so fond of saying…Dr. Hagi has hands of gold, and a heart to match! I can’t not thank Thornhill Smile Centre enough for changing my life.”

Karen R.


Millions of Canadians suffer from debilitating dental problems. Drastically affecting their physical and psychological well-being. The sad truth is that these problems rob you of your self-esteem. They keep you from enjoying everyday life, and make you afraid of smiling in public.

Yes, it possible to end your suffering, embarrassment, and the inconvenience caused by your missing and failing teeth. Yes, you can enjoy eating again. Yes, you can actually be proud of your smile again. Most important of all, you can significantly improve your health. By eliminating disease and infections in your mouth, and becoming pain-free. 

The final Prettau Zirconia full-arch bridge is our strongest and most beautiful bridge. Made from a single solid piece of high-strength ceramic and layered with beautiful lifelike porcelain. The Prettau Zirconia Ceramic bridge has demonstrated an over 99% success rate. Giving you your natural, lifelike, pearly-white smile back!

“I had an accident that knocked out 3 of my front teeth and Dr. Hagi was able to give me a temporary bridge within 24 hours of my first appointment with him. Since then I’ve had a permanent implant placed in addition to 2 crowns to replace my front teeth, wisdom teeth removed and Invisalign to boot. Dr. Hagi is extremely knowledgeable, kept me well-informed and I was consulted on every step of the process. Amanda & Bobbi are wonderful staff and they always make my dental visits very pleasant. I would recommend anyone to Dr. Hagi’s office!”


You’ve had this on your mind for some time now. You’re tired of living with the suffering, inconvenience and embarrassment. Caused by your missing and failing teeth. You need to know you’re making the right choice for yourself. Let’s be honest, there are so many options out there, and some of them do sound pretty good.

That’s why we created a list of questions you should ask your dentist when evaluating your options. You can download the printable PDF here so you can have it with you during your consultation. You deserve honest answers to these 15 questions. Once you compare apples to apples. You will better understand why the long-lasting Prettau Zirconia All-on-4 Solution by Dr. Hagi may be right for you.

1. How many appointments will it take?

  • After your Initial Free Consultation, you will have your new teeth in as few as Four Appointments.

2. How many different clinics will I have to go to?

  • None. You don’t have to go anywhere else. We do everything at the DH Smile Center.

3. How long will I be without teeth?

  • One Night. The single final bridge is placed in just 1 visit often within 24 hours of surgery.

4. How many dental implants will I need to support my full-arch bridge?

  • Most patients only need as few as Four implants. However, Dr. Hagi will determine the number of implants required for your full-arch bridge based on your individual needs.

5. Will I need bone-grafting to support my implants?

  • Most patients don’t need bone-grafting. However, it may be required for patients suffering from extreme bone loss in their jaws.

6. Will I have a temporary bridge before I get my final bridge?

  • Yes. You will get a Provisional bridge the day after your implants. The Provisional bridge is usually already made by the time you walk in to our clinic. This means your implants are usually placed in 3 hours or less. Cutting the typical procedure time nearly in half!

7. How soon can I get my final bridge?

  • You will wear your Provisional bridge for 3 to 6 months. During this time, your implants will stabilize and you will become perfectly accustomed to a full arch of teeth and gums.

8. How long will my bridge last?

  • Your custom-made Prettau Zirconia bridge is designed to last at least 15 years. With a success rate of over 99%. The Prettau Zirconia bridge often lasts longer than 15 years for most patients. Make sure to brush regularly and come in for regular checkups to maintain optimal oral health.

9. What materials do you use to make my bridge?

  • Your final bridge is custom-milled from a single solid piece of Prettau Zirconia. We craft it specifically to suit your individual and personal smile requirements.

10. Will my bridge ever lose colour, stain or retain odours?

  • Prettau Zirconia is non-porous. This means that it doesn’t stain, lose colour or attract or retain odours. The bridge is your teeth and that’s how you should care for it. Brushing twice a day. Most other bridge materials like acrylics are prone to both stains and odours.

11. How likely is my bridge to build up plaque and harmful bacteria?

  • Since Prettau Zirconia is non-porous and resistant to stains and odours. It doesn’t attract plaque or the harmful bacteria that breeds in the plaque build up either.

12. What are the chances that my bridge will chip, break or need replacement?

  • With an over 99% success rate, the Prettau Zirconia bridge is the strongest aesthetic dental material today. Meaning that it is chip and wear resistant. Almost no patients require a replacement bridge unless they have been in a serious accident causing the bridge to crack or break.

13. Will my bridge wear down from chewing and talking?

  • Prettau Zirconia is the strongest aesthetic dental material available today. It is harder than acrylic and is extremely resistant to chipping, cracking and breaking (for the heavy grinders).

14. How likely am I to develop an infection under my bridge?

  • Infections are caused by harmful bacteria that breed under plaque build ups. The fact that Prettau Zirconia does not attract plaque means that there is a minimal risk of developing an infection. Since there is no build up for the bacteria to breed in. Be sure to brush regularly to maintain optimal health for your bridge.

15. What guarantee do you provide on your dental work?

  • We provide a 5 YEAR guarantee on all of our All-on-4 treatments. All of our dental procedures under warranty will be covered by us at 100% no cost to you. We stand by our commitment to you. That’s why we include 1 YEAR of maintenance. AND use Premium Components to increase the longevity of your dental implants.


“My situation was unusual. I am older and have a complicated medical history. Two dentists had advised against even trying an implant. However I felt I had no choice. Dr. Dan uses ceramic which, anybody can check on the net, is more bio-compatible with a higher success rate. He seemed completely confident. I went for it. Not only was the implant successful but another dentist who was later working on the adjacent tooth noticed the implant in the xray and said it was “perfect.” Props to Dr. Dan.”

Pop Smoke

“Dr. Hagi and his team are considerate and incredibly knowledgeable. They make going to the dentist a stress free experience. I went to Dr. Hagi seeking ceramic dental implants an alternative to traditional titanium dental implants and he gave me simply the best care I could have hoped for. I could not recommend him and his practice enough!” 

Silvia C.

“Modern facility, modern techniques, very accommodating. Have been seeing Dr. Hagi and his team for over 2 years. Best dental surgeon I’ve ever had. Best hygienist I’ve ever had. You won’t be disappointed with this team of professionals.”

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