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“Not only was the implant successful but another dentist who was later working on the adjacent tooth noticed the implant in the xray and said it was “PERFECT!

Pop S.

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“I went to Dr. Hagi seeking ceramic dental implants an alternative to traditional titanium dental implants and he gave me THE BEST care I could have hoped for. I could not recommend him and his practice enough!”

Silvia C.Why Choose Ceramic Implants?They’re Metal-Free

Ceramic dental implants are made of Zirconia. A pure white ceramic that is extremely biocompatible and does not corrode.

They’re VERY Strong

Zirconia is one of the strongest ceramics available today. Zirconia implants are in fact 2-3 times stronger than the current titanium two piece implants.

They’re Healthier

Ceramic implants are made of a single piece without any connections that can grow bacteria. This is much

healthier to the gum tissue.


– If you have gum disease, a lot of pain and a hard time eating but are wondering how YOU can ever eat whatever YOU want again

– If your confidence is at an all time low and you’re embarrassed whenever you smile

– If your teeth are turning black and look like they’re ready to fall out

– If you have broken or missing teeth

– If you’re interested in getting back your smile, confidence and the chance to laugh again

– If you want a proven, long-lasting solution based on 15+ years of experience and thousands of happy patients


1. How to restore a confident smile with implants that look and feel like your “own natural teeth”

2. Why Ceramic Implants are the safest and most affordable, comfortable and convenient way to get your smile and self-esteem back on track

3. Strong, Metal-Free Implants so you can feel comfortable and reassured and finally get the ability to eat anything you desire

4. How to avoid gum disease and bacterial growth in the implants by using Zirconia – one of the strongest, safest and healthiest ceramic material available today

5. Beautiful natural looking implants so you can bring stability to your mouth, smile with pride again and restore your confidence


By booking your consult now, you’ll have a chance to get an amazing “Dental Implant Starter Pack” which includes:

1 x No Obligation Implant Consult      1 x Dental Imaging* 1 x CT Scan*                                          1 x Panoramic X-Ray* 1 x 2D X-Ray*

These are all the modern dental tools and technologies you need to make sure there aren’t any ‘hidden problems’ in your mouth

The “Dental Implant Starter Pack” includes a No Obligation Implant Consult. Where I assess your medical history to see if Ceramic Implants are right for you. PLUS I use the Best Medical Imaging Technology to make sure your teeth and gums are healthy

Because our hygienists are heavily booked. We can only give this “Dental Implant Starter Pack” to the first 7 patients that book their consults now.

MEET DR. DAN HAGIYour Dental Implant Surgeon

Hey I’m Dr. Dan Hagi and I graduated from University of Toronto Faculty of Dentistry in 2003. I’ve been placing implants for over 15 years that allow patients to smile with confidence and get their beautiful life back.

I’ve placed thousands of implants on my patients at my dental practice. DH Smile Center is recognized by “The Leading Dental Centers of the World”. For its world renowned professionals, excellent service and personalized treatment plans. Only 2 clinics in Canada have ever been recognized.

When not teaching, I work out of our DH Smile Center in Toronto, Canada where myself and our team place life changing Ceramic implants that give patients the ability to eat their favourite foods again.

With the dental technology available in today’s day and age. There’s never been a better time than right now to get Ceramic Implants to replace painful, bad or broken teeth. And I have the privilege of seeing hundreds of patients smile and laugh again each and every year.

Wishing you all the best on your new smile.

Dr. Dan Hagi, Founder of DH Smile Center DDS, FAGD, FICOL, (a)FAAIDDentist, Lecturer, Author.

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“Have been seeing Dr. Hagi and his team for over 2 years. BEST dental surgeon I’ve ever had. BEST hygienist I’ve ever had. You won’t be disappointed with this team of professionals.”

B. HulmeHurry! This FREE eBook is only available for the nextClick here to get your copy of “Why Ceramic Dental Implants” ebook and get back to eating your Favourite Foods Now!Find Us HereSimple English Terms & Conditions

* We use the appropriate Medical Imaging technology that you require. Not everyone needs a CT Scan or a Panoramic X-Ray. Most people just need a regular 2D X-Ray to make sure there aren’t any ‘hidden problems’ in their mouth. We will determine what Medical Imaging technology suits your individual needs at your Free Ceramic Dental Implant Consult and we cover the charges for your CT Scan, 2D or Panoramic X-Ray.

* Ceramic Implants cost just as much as traditional Titanium Implants starting from $3600 depending on your individual needs. Which could be Bone Augmentation, Tooth Removal or a Sinus Lift. We accept payment with Cash, Certified Cheque and all Major Credit Cards including VISA, MasterCard and AMEX. We also offer easy 3rd party financing for up to 10 years at extremely competitive rates. Missing unhealthy teeth is a physical disability and treatment to correct this is considered a medical expense and can be claimed on your annual tax return. Our goal at DH Smile Centre is to make excellence affordable and give you the options to realize your dream smile.

* All medical procedures carry their respective risks. We will discuss these risks and benefits at your Free Ceramic Implant Consult. We always encourage our patients to get a second opinion from a qualified dental professional and make the best possible choice for themselves. After all, your health is the only thing that matters to us.

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