General & Implants Dentistry Barrie

The Barrie community is proudly served by the DH Smile Center, a dental implant facility renowned the world over.

Are you a Barrie resident that has no teeth, only a few teeth, or will you lose your remaining teeth soon? Fortunately, you do not need to sacrifice function or aesthetics with our dental implants. Predictable outcomes are ensured and invasiveness is limited due to the use of our cutting-edge planning software. Diagnosis are accurate, so you know what to expect.

Please consider our All-on-4 dental procedure available to Barrie residents. We are happy to provide you peace of mind when it comes to our services because we understand you want the most comfort and expertise when it comes to dental procedures. Dr. Hagi, published in dental journals on the subject of implants, runs the DH Smile Center, which provided the first ceramic dental implant instruction in Canada. These zirconia dental implants are referred to as CeraRoot. Rest assured that you are receiving the best treatment furthermore because DH Smile Center is one of just a pair of dental clinics in the country to belong to the Leading Dental Centres of the World.

There are a lot of dental implant centres to choose from in Barrie, but very few like the DH Smile Center. We pride ourselves on showing you how we stand out; namely, due to our service, professionalism and the provision of the best possible care. Procedure times, for example, are reduced by as many as three and as few as two hours with the use of our advanced planning systems.

The DH Smile Center is unique in many ways for Barrie residents. For example, only a few other Canadian dental providers give their patients implants with Ceraroot the very same day they are determined to be the best solution. CeraRoot implants are made of Zirconia Oxide and are white, corrosion resistant and holistic friendly. Furthermore, these implants act as thermal and electric insulators and do not chip due to their ceramic tooth structure, in addition to exhibiting a one-piece design. We also provide same-day All-on-4 implants that include implants made of cutting-edge MIS Titanium.

Are you ready to see if dental implants are right for you? Download the consultation form attached or call our office now. Our staff is always ready to answer any and all questions about our services.