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Do you live in Guelph and need dental implant help? We’re happy to assist with our special All-on-4 dental implants.

Patients Best Suited for All-on-4 Dental Implants

Missing teeth is a problem all sufferers in Guelph want to solve, and our solution is the best if you want one that lasts a long time and looks incredible. Our planning software is state-of-the-art and produces the best results: outcomes you can rely on, accurate diagnosis, and little in the way of invasiveness.

Confidence You Can Rely On

Our results are not the only thing you can rely on. We’re also backed by an impressive amount of experience that we are happy to share with residents of Guelph. Dr. Hagi has written for dental journals on the matter of dental implants; classes have been held at his office as well, the first in the country on the ceramic dental implant CeraRoot. Our office is distinguished in other ways as well, such as being one of only a pair of members in Canada that belong to the Leading Dental Centres of the World (

DH Smile Center is Unique

Residents of Guelph, you get better results without the long wait at DH Smile Center, of which we are very proud. First of all, ceramic teeth structures ensure chipping will not occur. Secondly, our All-on-4 implants are available same-day and come with advanced MIS Titanium implants, with a total procedure time of only two to three hours. In fact, we are only one of a unique few of dental facilities in Canada to do same-day implants.

Zirconia Oxide Teeth: The Benefits

These teeth with CeraRoot, which is a zirconia oxide white implant. This implant is holistic, features a single piece design, is corrosion resistant and hypoallergenic as well. It also acts as an electric and thermal insulator, rounding out a wide range of benefits for the residents of Guelph.

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