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Throughout Canada the DH Smile Center is known for ascribing to the most innovative dental implant procedures, for example our hallmark All-on-4 procedure, which we proudly offer to residents of Kitchener.

The All-on-4 procedure helps patients with missing teeth, including residents of Kitchener. No matter whether you have lost all of your teeth, just a few, or simply will be losing teeth soon, this procedure can help. In only as few as 2-3 hours, a full arch prothesis can be supported by four-plus implants, achieving a reliable and accessible solution.

Residents of Kitchener, Dr. Hagi and his team are proud to offer the All-on-4 procedure. Dr. Hagi is one of the most well-versed practitioners when it comes to dental implants in the entire country, writing dental journal pieces on the topic of dental implants and even using his office as the first place for ceramic dental implant (CeraRoot) instruction in Canada.

What else sets the DH Smile Center apart for residents of Kitchener? Many other benefits, all of which are patient-centric. We’re happy to share just a few of them below, and if you are interested discuss further by phone or via our attached consultation form.

  • Leading Dental Centres of the World: We are a proud member of this organization, as only two in the country have been admitted.
  • Prettau Dental Implant Teeth: These teeth are unique, made from a ceramic material referred to as zirconia oxide. This differs from other materials — acrylic and plastics for example — because it is of a higher quality. As a result most dental clinics opt for longer procedure times and lower quality materials to achieve a greater degree of affordably. We, however, are focused on results as well as cost-effectiveness.
  • Chip Resistance: As once of the few dental centres in Canada using zirconia, we achieve increased chip resistance because we want your smile to last.
  • Affordable: Yes, other dental centres have lower prices, but they are not as cost effective due to their long waits, long procedure times and lower quality materials that lead to the greater need for repairs like chips.
  • Advanced Planning Techniques: This is yet another unique aspect of our services, because it reduces procedure time. How long? By as many as three hours, and as few as two hours.
  • MIS Titanium Implants: We offer All-on-4 dental implants with these as well, and they are available same-day.


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We understand how important it is for Kitchener residents to use for an experienced dental centre when it comes to something as serious as your smile. We want you to look and feel your best with confidence, which we instill with our extensive knowledge regarding the most cutting-edge dental implant techniques.