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The DH Smile Center is home to dental implant procedures of the highest quality available to Canadian residents such as those of Oshawa.

All-on-4 Implants For Patients Missing Teeth

Are you a resident of Oshawa and missing teeth, or will be missing them soon? Then you should consider the All-on-4 procedure, particularly because of how we enhance it with our superior experience and overall service. It only takes two or three hours and the results are superior. A full arch prosthesis is supported by four or more implants, leading to more stability, greater aesthetics and many other benefits discussed in detail below.

Service You Will Feel Confident About

It’s important to work with a dental clinic in which you can place your trust. The DH Smile Center is your answer. We are one of the foremost leaders in the area of dental implants in Canada, lead by Dr. Hagi, dental journal contributor whose office was the first teaching centre in the country regarding the ceramic dental implant known as CiraRoot.

Why We’re Different

The Leading Dental Centres of the World ( is a prestigious organization. Only two dental clinics in Canada belong to it, one of them being the DH Smile Center.

The All-on-4 Procedure

Our All-on-4 procedure is perfect for Oshawa residents missing teeth, or for those who will soon be missing teeth. Dental implants are available with advanced MIS titanium implants and Prettau final teeth, the procedure for which can be undergone same-day. These materials are cutting-edge and offer better results to patients, which is why we use them. For example, our implants do not chip, are resistant to corrosion, look more like real teeth — they are beautiful, in fact — and result in shorter procedure times. Our advanced planning systems further provide value by creating diagnosis and results you can rely on.

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We know you have questions and want a dental clinic that serves Oshawa residents in which you can place your trust. We’re happy to explain why we’re the best option for restoring durability and beauty to your smile.