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For patients without teeth or those soon to be without them, there is a solution — the All-on-4 implant treatment. This treatment was created to provide more efficiency to teeth restoration, with a more effective outcome. A full arch prosthesis procedure only takes two to three hours, during which time four or more implants are installed. We at the DH Smile Center are proud to offer residents of Richmond Hill the All-on-4 Procedure from a doctor and staff that is world renowned.

Dr. Hagi has published articles in dental journals on the topic of implants, and his office is also the location of the first teaching centre for ceramic dental implants in all of Canada. Only two dental clinics in the country belong to Leading Dental Centres of the World (, and Richmond Hill residents we are proud to be one of them. That’s just one reason why we’re a great dental office to consider if you are interested in the All-on-4 dental procedure. Experience is key when selecting the right provider. The DH Smile Center is truly an authority when it comes to dental implants in Canada.

Zirconia oxide makes up the Prettau dental implant teeth, which is otherwise known as ceramic. Plastics and acrylics of the conventional variety, which are used by many facilities, are not as high in quality. We also provide implants same-day to Richmond Hill residents, increasing your convenience; chip resistant zirconia technology comprises the final set of teeth.

Considering the aforementioned low quality materials used by other clinics, and the longer times it takes to perform said procedures, our services are very cost effective for Richmond Hill residents. Teeth made of zirconia oxide are not affected by corrosion, they look natural, and they’re much stronger than conventional materials, in addition to being hypoallergenic. Not only do these teeth look natural, they look attractive as well, so you can go about your life in confidence.

Our advanced planning techniques create part of our value for Richmond Hill residents. Procedures take much less time, as long as three hours. However, we also forego dentures for the higher quality ceramic tooth structure to create solid chip resistance. Furthermore, we don’t make you wait for an appointment, providing All-on-4 dental implants same-day complete with MIS Titanium implants.

Experience and professionalism define our mission at the DH Smile Center. Our goal is to give you the best care we possibly can, each time you need us. Do you live in Richmond Hill and need a dental implant alternative? You’ll be happy to learn that we are a leader in this area and are happy to help you today. Selecting a provider for this type of procedure is difficult because you want something as serious as All-on-4 dental implants. It’s your body and we treat it with respect.

Please contact us now by downloading the attachment or calling. We’re pleased to discuss our procedures in more detail.