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What is the All-on-4 dental implant treatment procedure? It is when four or more implants are used to support a full arch prosthesis. Hallmarks include the short procedure time which is lessened by 2-3 hours and leads to better results: the restoration of your smile in a manner that is reliable and cost-effective. Residents of Thunder Bay, all of us at the DH Smile Center are proud to offer you this service today. Simply contact us now for same-day service.

Who leads the DH Smile Center, which serves residents of Thunder Bay as well? Dr. Hagi, one of the foremost dental implant specialists in the entire country. The first dental implant instruction in Canada was held in his office, and he’s a published journal contributor. We also belong to the Leading Dental Centres of the World ( — 1 of only 2 dental clinics in the country admitted.

Our advanced planning is a huge benefit to Thunder Bay residents and shows how we put comfort first, as it shortens procedure time and leads to accurate outcomes as well as diagnosis. We use high quality materials and prepare with more advanced techniques than most other Canadian dental clinics.

Our Prettau dental implants, consisting of zirconia oxide, make sure the smiles of our patients always look their best. Zirconia technology is first of all chip resistant, but it is also more durable, is hypoallergenic, and resistant to corrosion — not to mention the natural, beautiful look imparted upon each patient’s teeth. Other materials like acrylic and plastic simply can’t compete in terms of quality. We also offer implants with highly advanced MIS titanium implants.

Residents of Thunder Bay, we at the DH Smile Center are happy to offer you our services, set apart from other providers by unparalleled professionalism, experience and end results. If you are missing teeth, or soon to be missing teeth in Canada, you can’t do better than our dental clinic, providing the best dental implant alternatives available.

We’re standing by to help you understand why we’re the best possible option. Please contact us now to book a consultation or simply discuss the All-on-4 procedure.