myMetal-Free – Zirconium Ceramic Dental Implants

Metal Free Ceramic Holistic DentistryThe DH Smile Center offers myMetal-Free line of solutions. These solutions are for those who want no metal in their mouths.

We can use zirconium oxide which is known as ceramic steel to produce life like restorations that can act as crowns and bridges as well as utilizing zirconium oxide CeraRoot dental implants to replace missing teeth via our myNewTeeth solutions.  These Metal-free (also known as Zirconium implants or all-ceramic implants) are one of the best materials available today for dental reconstructions.  Zirconium is a lightweight ceramic, that is incredibly strong – and resistant to bending, making it an ideal material for dental implants. Its bright-white, tooth-like color makes it all the more suitable for tooth replacement.

Zirconium has many advantages over other dental implants materials. Among the advantages of Zirconium Implants are that it’s:

  • A naturally-occuring material
  • Absolutely Metal-free
  • Highly aesthetic, due to its white tooth-like color
  • Proven to be more hygienic than metal options
  • Extremely strong
  • Biocompatible (does not cause allergies)
  • Readily accepted and integrated by the surrounding bone, leading to successful implants, and stability of teeth.

New and reliable dental implants in Ontario

We no longer need to rely on the strength of metal and can utilize large ceramic and zirconia structures to restore and replace teeth.

The full arch or full mouth PRETTAU bridge can replace 12-14 teeth without a metal substructure and will not break or chip under normal use.  This is our preferred method of replacing a full set of teeth with our myNewTeeth protocol.

We also offer non-metal orthodontic treatments that can straighten teeth using myAlign solutions with plastic BPA free aligners.

Our aim is to make a mouth and a smile that is beautiful, functional and healthy without the unsightly and reactive metals.

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