myBite – Bite Correction Dentistry

Bite Correction DentistrymyBite is the treatment of choice when our patients present with severely debilitated mouths. Utilizing an interdisciplinary approach our office utilizes implant, prosthetic, orthodontic and periodontal procedures to realign teeth and rebuild the bite and teeth and provide our patients with comprehensive therapy for all their needs.

Sometimes our best efforts are not enough and a bite is so far debilitated by gum disease and severe decay that the only option is to utilize the myNewTeeth protocols and utilize dental implants to rehabilitate the bite.

Very often extensive work is needed to be able to rebuild a worn or broken down bite. This requires the use of various techniques and materials that will now substitute the tooth structure that did not last.

To find out how to rebuild your bite and be able to eat and smile again call us or Click Here to set-up a consultation with Dr. Hagi.