Success Stories


An old, discolored crown, dated Adams’ smile. He wanted a whiter brighter smile for his work in front of the camera and with clients. Adams teeth were bleached and a new all porcelain EMAX crown was matched to his existing dentition to give his smile aesthetic harmony…

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With years of one tooth at a time dentistry, Elizabeth found her teeth not matching, worn and trapping food. She wanted a whiter, healthier smile with no gaps. A full mouth rehabilitation was planned using all porcelain crowns and bridges as well as a dental implant to make her smile shine…

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Claudia sustained injuries to her face and teeth while on holidays. On her return she wanted to fix her teeth and rebuild her smile. A combination of Invisalign braces, painless root canal treatments, dental implant and all porcelain EMAX crowns were used to realign, replace and reshape Claudia’s damaged teeth; giving her confidence to smile again…

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Years of periodontal disease and heavy smoking took their toll on Karen’s teeth. We decided to use a same day dental implant technique and give Karen her teeth back. We rebuild to support with dental implants and using same day fixed teeth she was able to walk away with a beautiful smile…

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Years of dental neglect and fear had left Tibbi with a devastated dentition. Our only option was to start from scratch. Teeth were removed and gorgeous dentures were made to complement and improve on Tibbi’s old natural teeth. A man who never used to smile is now able to enjoy a life time of laughing, smiling and chewing…

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Pauline has been nervous about her smile for years. Her three missing teeth and overlapping front teeth made her uncomfortable and self-conscious when smiling. Through the use of crown, bridge and porcelain veneers we were able to redesign Pauline’s natural aesthetics and give her back the confidence…

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Years of neglect have resulted in discolored bonding, misalignment and uneven color of Martina’s front teeth. Martina was ready for a change. We restored four front teeth to natural aesthetics using porcelain veneers and achieved a naturally beautiful smile. Martina has received countless compliments about her gorgeous smile, giving her tremendous…

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