Digital Dental Impression Technology

Itero Digital Dental Impression Technology In the “old” days of dentistry, we used to take an impression by placing a goopy material in your mouth and letting it sit for about 5 minutes. The days of goop and sticky material to get an impression of teeth for laboratory work is over. The DH Smile Center is proud to utilize oral scanners to obtain accurate digital impressions to be used to create precisely fitting restorations.

We take a digital scan with our Intraoral Scanning systems. The digital scan is, quite literally, digitally perfect. We are able to deliver a digital scan to our master ceramist, so that a precisely fitting restoration can be made.

Designed to replace conventional impression taking, the digital impressions make our work more efficient and your experience more pleasant.

The Benefits of an Intraoral Scan

  • Eliminate the uncomfortable patient experience of traditional impressions
  • Utilize advanced digital technology to maximize the fit of restorations
  • Achieve superior fitting prosthetics with little or no adjustments
  • Enjoy increased patient satisfaction
  • Realize improved clinical results