Computer Guided Implant Surgery Planning

cost of dental implants in ontario

cost of dental implants in ontario

Computer Guided Implant SurgeryAn entirely new level of safety and precision in dental implant treatment

Computer-guided implant surgery is a great advance in dental implant treatment planning. It is an interactive 3D computer imaging system that guides our DH Smile Center dental implant providers during implant surgery.

With computer guided implant surgery, Dr. Hagi can actually do a virtual surgery before ever touching a patients mouth. The information gathered is extremely accurate, allowing the us to visualize the precise placement of simulated implants, as it gives us knowledge of the anatomy of the jaw in all three dimensions. It helps us locate important internal structures and also allows the measurement bone quality and quantity directly from these images.

With the use of the software a provisional strong set of teeth can be made prior to your visit, which can be inserted at the same time that the implants are placed. This is a technology called myNewTeeth same day teeth.  We can take a procedure that previously took 5-6 hours and now preform it in as little as 2-4 hours with much more accuracy and stronger materials.

How does Computer Guided Surgery Work?

  • Office Visit 1
    Impressions/Scans of your upper and lower jaw are used to help plan the future location of your new teeth. A guide/stent will be fit to your mouth (where tooth replacement is necessary). This stent will be used to help capture the contours of gums and the location of your future teeth
  • Office Visit 2
    A High-tech ConeBeam CT Scan is performed to gather digital information about the jaw bone.
  • In the Lab (No Visit required!)
    We process the digital information gathered from your CT Scan using cutting-edge technologies to create a 3-D Virtual model of your jaw.
  • Office Visit 3 – Final Visit
    About three weeks later, you return for a 2-3 hour surgery for the placement of your dental implants into your jaw. The implants will be secured to the new set of provisional teeth and you will leave smiling and chewing on a new set

To find out more about guided implant surgery and how myNewTeeth dental implants can help call us or Click Here to set-up a consultation with Dr. Hagi.